Liners? You actually expect a bunch of voiceover artists to record radio liners? Surely you jest.

Of course we do radio liners. We're voiceover people.

Take a listen to our voices:
  • Chad Rufer, with his bright and youthful sounding voiceover style that, if we were cheesy, we'd say puts the "Xtreme" in "Generation X." But we wouldn't do that to you. And the work he does imaging other people's voices is what you'd expect from an imaging prodigy. Use him to voice track a couple of hours sometime. We can't guarantee your ratings will spike, but he's been known to pull in 30-shares in the right markets.

  • Brian Gongol, whose unique baritone voiceover style has more color than most classic "deep voices." Maybe it's because he swallowed a box of markers as a kid.
We sound better than we look, so forget it if you want to see our photos. But if you ask us really nicely through our contact page, we might forward you someone else's pictures.