Whether you call it industrial narration, commercial narration, narrative voice-over, video narration, production voiceover, commercial voiceover, or one of about a dozen other names...we do narration right.

We'll send you raw narrative voiceover or edited and sweetened voiceover, depending on what you require. We think we're so good that it'll never have to be touched...but then again, we also think we're good enough to ski black diamond hills backwards. A little bravado goes a long way.

What? You think you should know what our voices sound like? All these demands...
  • Brian Gongol isn't the bassiest narrator around, but his distinctive low baritone has a way of narrating clearly without sounding muddy. And that makes all the difference between being heard and being understood.

  • Chad Rufer sounds like the nice young fellow you were hoping your daughter would bring home, instead of that tattooed punk rocker who spilled the iced tea on the good tablecloth in the process of reaching for his eighth helping of applesauce.
You know you want to do it...use our contact page to tell us how you want your narration served up.